Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm back!

Ok,  After 55 days on an HCG diet of eating a VERY limited selection of food, today I began 3 weeks of a fairly strict maintenance protocol- no starch or sugar.  But, that's alright with me. Right now I feel practically giddy about being able to eat a variety of fruits, lean meat and veggies again!  Life is good!  :)  For breakfast I feasted scrambled eggs and some of the sweetest honeydew melon I have ever tasted.  Lunch was a simple meal of chicken breast, steamed green beans and a nectarine.. Heaven!
     I have to say I have really missed the challenge of trying new recipes so I am way excited to get back into my kitchen and see what healthy goodies I can discover.  In celebration, for dinner, I am trying a new recipe- Silky Cauliflower Soup. I love cauliflower and can hardly wait to try it.  It sounds delicious and easy (love easy!).  I don't have any  Parmesan though, so I think I'll try cheddar for the crisps instead.  Hey, what's not to like about Cheddar and cauliflower? Seems like a natural combo to me.
We really liked it- I loved it that it came across as a cream soup even though it had no cream or flour in it.  However, it was a little on the bland side because I left out the Parmesan cheese.  Next time I will make it as written and I'm sure it will be even better.  Also, I might leave it a little chunky instead of totally blending it- just cause we really like cauliflower. Some ham or Canadian bacon would be yummy too.. maybe some peas?  Yep, this is a great starter recipe- really versatile.  I think I will be making this one often.
     By the way,  I made Cheddar Crisps to go with the soup and they turned out great!  I just didn't manage to get a picture before we scarfed them down.  Picture crispy, melted cheese.. are you picturing it?  THAT's why we didn't wait for pictures.  YUM