Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grilled Zucchini

Oh, Wow.  We just had the most amazing zucchini! First of all I should mention that our poor little zucchini plants only produced 2 zucchini before giving up in the Arizona heat.  Hubby fried up one with eggs for breakfast as per his traditional way.  But, we decided we wanted to do something different and special with the 2nd one.  So.. I did some surfing and found this  recipe for Grilled Zucchini at Kalyn's Kitchen (one of my all time favorite sites) and figured it would be a perfect match for Grilled Basil Lemon Chicken.  As it turned out, I was sooooo right.  Unfortunately, we had a horde of hungry kids crowded around the food the minute it came off the grill- No time for pictures. (The grandkids are in town.  Yay!) But, because it really was so delish, I selfishly chose to ignore all good food blogger ethics, and blog about it anyway, even without a picture.  This is one recipe I don't want to lose.  I'm sure I will make this many times this summer and I solemnly promise I will take a picture and post it here.  In the meantime, Kalyn took gorgeous pictures and a complete step by step.  So zip on over to her site to see what they look like.. Trust me, they taste as good as they look!!


  1. Sounds REALLY good. I sure miss being your guinea pig with these new recipes.