Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Omelets Save the Day!

Ever come home from work too tired to wiggle?  Yeah, me too.  And, Monday was that kind of day.  I sent out 52 referrals, finished up the newsletter, and, thanks to help from 2 sweet ladies, was also able to get the weekly stats sent in.  Whew!  Anyway, by the time we got home I was beat.  Fortunately, I happened to have the fixin's for a killer omelet in the fridge and an amazing egg chef in the house.  I did the sous chef thing- cut up some ham, red peppers, green onion, and tomatoes and grated some Swiss cheese. I sauted everything but the tomatoes and cheese, and then got out of Bill's way.  He is magic when it comes to eggs. Oh, my.  Wish you could have tasted the results.. the most delicious omelet ever!  I zapped some frozen green beans and in no time we had a meal fit for a king.. or a very tired queen!  LOL  Thanks, Honey!  You're the BEST. 

1 comment:

  1. That's so nice to have a second cook in the house. Sometimes it's nice to have a very simple meal and/or breakfast for dinner.